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Dr. George Sanders – SEO, Web Design & Social Media Case Study

Website Design, SEO, Live Chat, & Social Media Marketing - SEOversite Lite Plus

In August 2018, Dr. George Sanders, along with hundreds of other practices in the country, experienced a drastic decline in his website performance from the Google Medic update. As a prominent plastic surgeon in a competitive market, it was imperative to quickly resolve the negative impact from this Google update. Unfortunately, his former web team seemed oblivious to the update and unable to provide solutions after a number of months, so he reached out to our team at SEOversite. We were already helping many other aesthetic practices like his recover from the update and knew exactly how to get his website back on track.

We immediately identified the need for a website redesign and matched him with one of our preferred web vendors to complete the project. We transformed it from a dated, generic website to one designed with the sophistication and prestige needed to stay competitive at his Encino, Californias offices in the greater Los Angeles area. Overseeing the selected web team, we replaced stock images with professional photos of the doctor, team, and office, improved the navigation and user experience, created a more robust before & after gallery, added significantly more content to the site, connected live chat, and optimized the above-the-fold space on the home page for a more impactful first impression.
As a client of SEOversite Lite Plus, our team helped launch and oversee the SEO and other digital marketing needs of the website and practice. We continue to monitor Dr. Sander’s online presence and oversee the work of his digital marketing vendors to this day. His website performance has improved YOY, with a dramatic increase of 5,000 more visitors in a single month during the global COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr. Sanders is also an iScreamSocialMedia social media marketing client and a long-term consulting client of our parent company, YellowTelescope. His practice is thriving, and most importantly, he’s reached his goal of maintaining steady growth while improving work-life balance. Indeed, after graduating from Harvard and investing over 30 years in building his practice, we believe he’s truly earned that peace of mind.