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An Oversight Company Is a Crucial Piece Of Your Web Team

As a doctor, lawyer, insurance agent, real estate agent, or other small business owner, you are probably aware of how significant your web presence is to your success. Internet marketing is the number one way people will find and research your company.  The things you need to have a successful web presence (i.e., high Google rankings) are a great web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team. Having a robust and well-designed website is the first step to higher rankings. After your site is designed, you need SEO to keep it up to date with Google’s ranking algorithms and make sure you are being ranked on the first page of Google.  Both are crucial to a successful web presence.

Many companies advertise that they can do both. In our experience, companies are either great Web Designers or amazing at SEO, but very few are good at both. So how do you know who to hire? And furthermore, how do you know that the people you hire are actually doing their job? Unless you are an expert in coding, you won’t be able to go into the site and see the steps taken to add content or make it responsive. Just like every employee, some are amazing, some are average, and some are a nightmare. How do you know if you have hired a dream team or a nightmare team? You need to also hire a team to provide oversight to both the designer and the SEO team.

I don’t know about you, but when I see a line of code, my head explodes. I do not speak in 0’s and 1’s. Most people I know, are the same way. We have to entrust the people who do speak in 0’s and 1’s to do what we are asking of them efficiently and ethically. Some things, like adding new photos to your site is pretty cut and dry. But if you want to build in meta-tags and microsites, you probably will not be able to oversee your web team without significant tech knowledge. You trust them to manage your internet marketing and web reputation. But how do you know they are actually doing it?

Oversight for your small business web team is the same as hiring a translator

Assume you are planning a trip to Italy. You research hotels, activities, and restaurants. You may even learn a few key phrases of Italian to get by. Assuming you did your research, you should have a pretty good trip. You will get a taste of what life in Italy is like and likely at a decent price. But what if you had a translator by your side the entire trip. Showing you the best restaurants and haggling in Italian for the lowest possible prices. How much better would your trip be?

Now imagine you get into trouble while in Italy without a translator, you are locked out of your rental car. You think you can solve the problem speaking in English with the few key phrases of Italian thrown in. But the people around you only speak Italian. No one can help you in English. You somehow find a locksmith who speaks some broken English and is willing to help you. But since you don’t speak his language nor understand how he is getting into the car, you really are just blindly trusting him. He gets you’re the door open, and you enjoy the remainder of your Roman Holiday. Upon returning the car to the rental company, you are told not only did the locksmith charge you triple the price he should have, but he also broke the car, and now you are banned from ever renting through that Rental Company again.

How would the same situation play out with a translator by your side? Someone would be there to help you hire a trustworthy locksmith at a competitive rate. The locksmith knows he cannot take advantage or take short cuts because someone is watching. Your problem is solved without any repercussions. So while the translator may cost a little bit more, he wound up being an invaluable part of your experience, who, in the end, saved you money. Think of as your translator for the internet. Someone who can speak the same language and hold your team accountable for their work, which in turn makes sure you have the best possible rankings for your site. We do not do the actual web design or SEO, but we help you hire an amazing team and then stand by your side to ensure they are doing exactly what is necessary to maximize your web presence.

Doctors and Lawyers have oversight, what about your web team?

Whether you are a physician, lawyer, insurance agent, or any other small business owner, your professional activities are probably being governed by an overseeing body. We all have someone holding us accountable. Doctors have medical boards, lawyers have the Bar, and regular citizens have laws. However, as of now, there is no governing body for the internet. It is truly the Wild West. Web companies get away with shotty work at gauging prices because they have nobody to answer to. No one speaks their language so they can lie to you without ever being caught. We heard story after story of small business owners being taken advantage of by web teams. Usually, the conversation began something like, “I FEEL like my web team is not doing what I am paying them to do. But they tell me they are.” With no oversight, and limited if any, tech knowledge, you will never really know. acts as your guardian angel, watching over your web presence.

How can I tell which web team is good and who is bad?

Just like anything in life, there are good guys and bad guys. Even the good guys can get complacent sometimes and need an extra shove. At, we are by your side, helping and guiding you to make choices on who to pick to manage your web presence. We then continue to make sure that once the initial job is done, good work does not stop there. If your SEO Company is taking shortcuts, they could wind up getting your site blacklisted from Google. Of course, nobody will come out and tell you that they will be taking your money and illegally posting content to your website to make it easier for them. That is why it is crucial to have a translator by your side to create accountability and make sure you are being taken care of with outstanding service. After all, your web presence is your best source of marketing.

For more information on how can provide much-needed internet oversight, contact us at or visit to learn more about how our team will work tirelessly to be the guardians over your web presence.

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