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SEOversite Newsletter #17 – Burn Your Website to the Ground:

Practice what you preach. Do what you teach. Swim if you are at the beach. As we would quit before being hypocrites, we have redesigned and launched the brand new! We can’t wait for you to check out the amazing new website we have created – click here. Read on for more details. by the numbers:

  • 500 – Our superb website design team invested over 500 (wo)man hours developing this site, around 5-10 times as much work as a typical client website requires.
  • 7 – From conception to completion we invested 7 months to create the new website.
  • 30 – Each animation you see on our website requires approximately 30 drawings for each 1 second of animation.
  • 21 – The number of flying, jumping, and otherwise moving fish and birds on the home page. Can you find them all? And don’t forget to notice the steaming coffee, spouting whale, water features, and other hidden treasures within the site.
  • 1 – Team of happy employees who feel re-invested in our company thanks to the new site.
  • 0 – The price to use our complimentary matchmaking service, through the beautiful new, to help you connect your business to proven, reasonably priced, vetted web vendors (SEO, Website Design, Live Chat, Reputation Management, IT support, and more).

When is it time to update a website?

  • On average, most websites perform well for 2-3 years. In rare cases, a particularly well-designed site can maintain a modern feel and function well, while still being smiled upon by the watchful eye of Google, for as many as 4-5 years – but again, that is the exception and not the norm.
  • Your website should be the best online representation of your company’s achievements, culture, and services. A powerful, well-designed website converts leads, gets recognized by Google, and provides valuable information about who you are as a company. Your website is no different than your home in that every few years it is a good idea to update in order to keep it modern and functional.
  • Our original lasted nearly three years. We chose to burn our website to the ground and redesign it for several reasons:
    • It was still visually pleasing but started to look dated as it used the “curse of the rectangle” as we have lovingly named it. In short, the vast majority of websites we see feel like 10 rectangles were stacked on top of one another creating a very “cookie cutter” or templated feel. Part of the goal for your website should be to differentiate your brand, so looking the same as your competitors defeats the purpose of having a custom coded, unique site. We felt the old didn’t feature our distinctive services or awesome company culture well enough.
    • It did not have enough content to compete against the formidable opponents in the SEO and design world. We chose to create a site that could be easily navigated, but would also contain huge amounts of case studies, testimonials, and awards. By taking this approach we are building both content and showcasing our unique brand.
    • We felt that to attract those seeking the best, we must invest in the best. A website like ours, with similar functionality and complexity, would traditionally cost $40,000-$60,000 on the open market even though most of our clients invest far less ($7-15k in most cases). We believe in paying for superb work and so we did exactly that to practice what we preach daily.

If you are looking to generate more sales through better online marketing, looking to create an impressive website that represents your brand extremely well, or have any technical questions, reach out to us. The majority of our services are free, as is the initial conversation, so you have nothing to lose. We couldn’t be more excited about our newly launched website as well as the conversations it will spark with our valued clientele in 2017. Give us a call at 305-455-0720 or email us at to start the conversation.

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