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How do I select a web team to handle my SEO?

The internet is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. You may know that you need to hire a web team to handle your SEO so you can get high Google rankings and more importantly leads for your business. But with thousands of web teams telling you about their proprietary technology and their ability to outperform every other web team out there, how can you tell the difference between good web teams and bad web teams. When I speak with web teams many of them express the lack of good companies out there. But so many companies do poor quality work and differentiating between companies is difficult for someone who doesn’t speak techie talk. There are a few things to consider when choosing a team to handle your SEO.

Does the SEO company retain their clients for an extended period of time?

If you were hiring a new employee and saw that they were at three incredibly prestigious positions but only held each for 6 months, red flags would go up. If an SEO company is telling you about all of the companies they work with, you need to find out the average time they retain clients. If the company is constantly losing clients it doesn’t matter how prestigious those clients are. They probably have a great sales team and not so great service.

Do they constantly stay up to date on Google’s Algorithm?

With any SEO, Google is King. Their algorithm to recognize and rank sites is the be-all and end-all of online marketing and SEO. You need to be recognized by Google to get higher rankings and be seen by potential customers. If the SEO company is not constantly staying up to date on Google’s changes, you are not going to achieve high rankings.

Communication and reporting is key

SEO is about performance and results. You pay for SEO, but what you are really paying for is a better web presence. Look for a company that has great communication and report generation. They should be constantly tracking analytics such as lead count, time spent on the site, conversions, and traffic. If they are not tracking and more importantly communicating with you what those analytics mean for your site, they are not providing the necessary information for you to make marketing decisions.  Reports are a tangible way to hold the web team accountable for their performance. If there is no change in traffic in a few months of working with a company, they are not accomplishing their objectives. They need to communicate how they plan on changing the lack of results. With good reporting and communication of the monthly results, you as the client can see in a tangible way the effect the web team is having on your web presence.

What kind of SEO do they do?

Content is key to good SEO but the content is provided in many different ways. Blogging, link building, social media content all matter to Google finding your site and giving you higher rankings. They build credibility for your site in the eyes of Google. It is key to find a company that performs both onsite and offsite SEO. Onsite SEO is anything done to your own website to optimize it to be found by Google. That can include blogs, before and after pictures, customer reviews, etc. Offsite SEO is work done to other sites that link back to your site. For instance, if another website provides a review of your services and links back to your site. Both are important.  Some companies only perform onsite or offsite, but in general, the most effective companies do both.

Are they nimble enough to change with your marketing needs?

By hiring an SEO company you are in many ways hiring a marketing team. Therefore you should look at their ability not only to drive traffic to your site but convert those leads as well. If you are increasing traffic but not getting any more conversions out of it then something is not working. Having a nimble team that can make necessary adjustments as time goes on and your business needs evolve is crucial to web success.

Most importantly, are they taking short cuts?

Web companies are notorious for taking short cuts to achieve their SEO objectives. If they are creating bad links and content Google will find out. You could be receiving reports and communicating with your SEO team. You may be seeing results so you think everything is fine. But in reality, the reason so many web companies distrust other companies is because poor quality work is rampant in the world of web. If Google penalizes your site, your web presence and possibly your business will take a huge hit. It takes years to build credibility for your site, being penalized by Google not only negates any credibility you have built but also severely damages your web reputation and rankings.

One way to ensure you are hiring a good team to handle your SEO is to use a company such as SEOversite. We match small businesses with outstanding web teams we have vetted and worked with. We then act as a project manager ensuring that you are getting what you pay for, which is ethical and effective SEO leading to higher rankings, leads, and conversions. To find out more about how SEOversite can be the guardian watching over your web presence visit or contact us at

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