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What is Local Search

The term “Local Search” is thrown out a lot in the SEO world, but what exactly is it? Local search marketing is all about putting your business on the map in local searches when customers are searching for a business like yours. But if you want to be more formal: local search marketing is a form of SEO that helps local businesses show up in relevant local searches.

If someone doesn’t know about your coffee shop, then how would they know to search for your business? They wouldn’t. But Local SEO makes it so if someone is just looking for a “coffee shop near me”, you have a chance of showing up in the local search results.

The most popular local search platform will be the Local Listings on Google. These show up at the very top of the search page, which means you’ve got top billing for that search term.

Why is Local Search Important?

Now we know what local search is, but why is it so important? If my page has strong keywords, won’t they just show up at the top of the SERPs? They can, but it’s far less likely if you don’t have local in mind. Here are a couple of Local SEO stats that you might find interesting.

Not only are local searches taking up nearly 50% of all searches, but they also have an incredibly high conversion rate because there is a sense of immediacy. This high conversion rate plus top billing on the SERPs is the exact reason why everyone should care about Local Search.

How Does Local Search Work?

To build up your online local presence, you need to optimize your information, so search engines place your business in the right searches – the right searches being localized and relevant. To do this, you need to give search engines everything they need to know about your business.

Local Search Directories

This knowledge comes from your NAP, but is now probably more accurate to say NAPU. This acronym stands for Name, Address, Phone Number, URL. Having this information be consistent across the web will show the search engines that it can trust your business. If this information is not accurate across directories, then the search engine will have lost that trust in your business.

The most important local directory for you is going to be your Google Business Profile. This is going to be the foundation of your Local SEO strategy for directories. Make sure that your profile is as filled out and accurate as possible. Once this is done, make sure to send your customers to your profile to add reviews because this can also help your profile rank higher.

Local Search On-Page Optimizations

Local search also comes in the form of on-page optimizations for your website. We all know how important the right keywords are for ranking purposes, but are your keywords tailored to local searches? As we have seen, nearly half of all organic searches are looking for local information, so you should make sure that your website also shows up, not just your Local Listing.

This localized approach means that you are going to have severely less competition in the search results. Let’s go back to our coffee shop example from earlier. How many competitors do you think you are going to have if you search for the phrase “coffee shop”, you’re competing with every page with that keyword. But if you’re targeting “Miami coffee shop”, you are only competing with people in that one area. On top of the number of competitors, it is much easier to rank for local terms than non-local terms.

Local Search is just one piece of a larger SEO puzzle, but even this one piece is quite large on its own. Hopefully, this will help point you in the right direction for your Local SEO, but if you want experts to take this off your plate, reach out to us at 305-455-0720, or use our contact form.

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