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Issue #13 –Video Virtuosity

Did you know that around 33% of online time is now spent watching video? Did you know that 92% of mobile video users (think social media) shared video content with other users? Did you know there are simple ways to incorporate video into your business to drive more profit?

With our sister company’s YellowTelescope YellowTelescast podcast and our own YouTube channel chock full of past speeches, we have been curating and posting video content for the better part of 5 years, but driving business through video does not require podcasts, professional videographers, or hair and makeup. Simply created, educational and entertaining content can be created with minimal time and cost invested and the impact on your business can be far reaching.

In this newsletter, we’ve compiled some of the basics on how to create a high volume of video content, where to distribute that content, and eventually improve the quality of the video once it has permeated company culture.

The way we see it here at SEOversite, most clients still forget that they have a camera that makes calls, not a phone that takes pictures, in their pockets all the time. They also have trouble accepting that candid video, taken without professional videographers and hair and make-up, are often preferred by the public. If you can digest these key philosophies, you are ready to drive business through video content using the following ideas:

1.       Start by having a smart phone or small camera on hand at all times. Spread the word with your staff and make sure they do the same. In larger businesses dedicating an intern or an employee to be the “historian” in charge of video content makes sense, while in smaller businesses using the “it takes a village” concept may be more prudent.

2.       Testimonials – any time a customer is telling you how happy they are with your product, just ask them if you can get them to repeat what they just said into the camera.  Remind them how often they watch videos to help them determine whether or not to buy something, and how valuable it will be to potential customers. We have heard the objection that some people are shy or unwilling to put their face on camera. From years of testing we have learned that this is true of a small portion of the population (even in industries you’d expect to have very shy customers like law, plastic surgery, or real estate), but the reality is most happy customers are willing to share their experience. Keep the clips short – 15 seconds to a minute will suffice. The fact that the video is not done professionally actually makes it look and feel more real and credible.

3.       Candid Fun – You and your team have a great time at work. Capture positive moments – birthdays, celebrations, silly moments, and even serious moments focusing on the expertise your team has – and post them to social media (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all support  video). This helps endear your clients to your business, keeps you on their radar, and helps humanize your business driving engagement.

4.       Events – any gathering is an excuse for video.  Out to dinner with the team?  Take a video extolling the strengths of your brand culture.  At a networking event reconnecting with valuable contacts?  Are you or other team members winning awards or receiving promotions? Take a video selfie sharing how much you value that connection.  Maybe they will do the same increasing your own exposure. Make sure to H/T (Hat Tip) the folks you take videos with as they will often re-share your posts and appreciate the recognition.

5.       Product promotion – Do you make superb oatmeal raisin cookies?  Do you sell legal services? Do you specialize in high-end real estate? Do you make bodies look better at your med spa or medical practice? Do you correct vision, perform voice-over work, or build closets and built-ins?  Show your best work in video.  How you create your product or what differentiates your workmanship is a great reason to record. Tutorial videos for clients on how to prepare for a procedure, how to best utilize your product, or how to mentally and physically prepare for divorce or trial are gold to consumers.  Placing these on your personal YouTube channel (YouTube is owned by Google which means you should pay attention to it), your website and including them in email newsletters and social media are all ideas that make sense (or is it cents).

Of course, this improvisational, spur-of-the-moment, on-the-fly approach to creating content means that it won’t be the most polished content on the internet, but that’s OK for many purposes.  As we wrote about years ago, constantly, and properly, adding content to your website will eventually lead to greater search engine visibility as well – a particular area of expertise for SEOversite.  Further, statistics show that the more dynamic your content is (including video and photos beyond just text), the greater rate your site visitors will convert to leads and customers.

Once taking video is part of your company culture, you can improve the quality of your video production. Quality matters more once you have developed quantity.  In our next newsletter, part 2 in this series about video content, we’ll discuss how businesses with even the leanest budgets can make every video look better, sound better, and appear as if you’ve got your own in-house, professional video production team, for a fraction of the cost.

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