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Issue #41: 5 Tips for Harnessing the New Google Core Algorithm Update

The online world looks a bit different in the era of COVID-19. There’s an obvious uptick in web traffic, a new record-breaking search topic (hint: it rhymes with “Sharona”), and amidst it all, Google just dropped a core algorithm update.

So, you’re wondering, what’s this have to do with my business? If you have a website and follow your analytics, or at least have a trusted team that does on your behalf, you’ve likely noticed some changes to your web performance.

Here are 5 tips to take the new Google core algorithm update by the reins and make it work in your favor:

Tip #1: Keep Calm and SEO On

After any Google update, you may notice a decline in web traffic or your Google rankings. The good news is that if you’ve been working with a reputable web team all along, you can be sure that you’re already established as an authority and trustworthy source for your target market, which means you’ll likely see an improvement in your web performance once the dust settles in a few months. Not confident with your web team? We can help.

Tip #2: Add valuable, high quality content to your website – everything from copy (text) to creative assets (images, videos, etc.).

The more useful your information and the longer you can keep website visitors perusing your site, the better chance you’ll rank high in Google search. Fill your website with detailed information about your products and services and share real client testimonials and reviews. Make your content more easily digestible by improving your page layouts through strategic placement of headlines, images, and video.

Tip #3: Consider the language used in your website copy.

One purpose of the core algorithm update was for Google to better understand the intent behind search queries in order to improve query matches with relevant content. Searchers have evolved from searching with one or two words to typing in complete questions in Google search or the URL bar. Your website copy should mimic how people are actually searching, including voice search. One easy way to do this is to add a FAQ section to your website pages, answering your clients’ most common questions. Chances are, these are the questions your target audience will be searching and are often referred to as “long-tail key phrases.”

Tip #4:  Showcase your expertise to win with the new Google core algorithm update.

Even if your website is not as established as a larger site, like WebMD for example, you still have a chance at ranking highly with the right content. Is your experience prominent throughout your website so visitors identify you as a trusted source? Do you share real, first-hand examples and stories of how your services or products have helped your clients? If the new Google algorithm can identify you as an authority, you’ll be reaping the benefits soon enough!

Tip #5: Fix your website errors.

Does your website have broken links? Duplicate meta tags? Multiple H1 headlines? Conflicting hreflang and rel=canonical URLS? Feel like we’re speaking a different language? It may be best to leave your technical SEO up to the experts (and we can connect you to them), but whatever you do, make sure someone is combing through your site on a regular basis to fix these errors.


Google algorithm updates can be unsettling, but with the proper plan in place, you can make them work to your benefit. The key is understanding that your website is a living, breathing creature that needs constant attention from its design to SEO. Here at SEOversite, we are the guardian angels watching over your online presence and there’s a reason our clients succeed (check out our case studies here).

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