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Have you ever felt that subtle buzz in your pocket, only to discover it’s not your average notification, but a limited special at your favorite clothing store or med spa? If so, welcome to the realm of text message marketing – where every ping holds the promise of valuable information tailored just for you. It’s not just about sending texts; it’s engaging with potential and existing customers, and showering them with tidbits of information or offers that may lead to a sale.

Did you know that a whopping 91% of consumers would opt-in for text messages from brands? This alone should be enough reason to adopt text message marketing, but let’s go over some other benefits. And, reach out here or call 305-455-0720 to learn more about our awesome preferred vendor for text marketing to get started.

The Power of Text Message Marketing

First and foremost, text message marketing has an incredibly high engagement rate – leaving other marketing strategies in the dust. It actually has a higher engagement rate than any other form of marketing with a 98% read rate compared to the 20% read rate of email marketing.

Now, let’s talk about cost-effectiveness. When compared to other marketing strategies, text message marketing delivers on ROI. If you pay for Facebook or Instagram ads, you’re casting a fairly wide net. You can limit factors like the audience and geographic location, but you’re still paying for an ad that won’t reach most of your audience. With text marketing, you’re only sending messages to people who opt-in to receive them. So that means you’re only contacting people who want to hear from you. 

SMS Best Practices

We’ve mentioned just how great text message marketing is, but those numbers are all based on whether your company is following best practices. What are the best practices? Let’s dive in…

Text Tango: Opt-In, Opt-Out

Alright, here’s the golden rule of text message marketing: it’s like entering a conversation – you wouldn’t barge in without an invite, right? So, rule number one: only text those who’ve rolled out the welcome mat for your messages. And the VIP pass to this party? The opt-in form on your website or other online channels.

Even if you have an opt-in, it’s a good idea to send a warm, digital hug to new subscribers with  an initial text thanking them and casually asking for a nod of approval with a simple reply of “Yes” or “No.” Doing this ensures that you’re sending your messages to the right people and confirming that they do want to hear from you.

On the other side of the same coin, make it easy for customers to stop receiving your texts by including an unsubscribe option. This could be as simple as replying “STOP” or “Unsubscribe” to the text. 

Consistency Matters

Now that you’ve got a fan club eagerly awaiting your texts; it’s time to talk strategy. As with any type of marketing effort, consistency matters. Find the right balance of messages you can send within a reasonable timeline. Don’t overwhelm subscribers with too many messages, but don’t go silent either. Striking this balance keeps your brand relevant without becoming a nuisance. 

So here’s the golden rule: 1 message per week to start. This is usually the sweet spot early in the game, and from there you can increase or decrease volume based on results and opt-out rates.

Attention Grabbing GIFs

GIFs are a great way to add attention-grabbing animations to your messages. They are more interesting to the eye than a static image, and add movement to your content, making it easier for your message to stand out. 

Consumers are huge fans. More than 700 million GIF lovers use GIPHY, a GIF search engine. On GIPHY, you can even create your own branded GIF to document and highlight key functions or features of your product or service. 

Incentives Work

Many consumers want to sign up for texts from brands they like and trust. To sweeten the deal, marketers can sprinkle their messages with irresistible offers, such as discounts or free services. Additionally, they could create VIP or highly engaged customer segments and reward these members with exclusive coupon codes or event invitations.

Regardless of what you offer, make your subscribers feel special. Give your highly engaged customers the red carpet treatment – exclusive coupon codes, event invitations, and more. 

SMS Confidential: Navigating the Legal Landscape

Finally, ensure you comply with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) privacy laws and regulations for SMS marketing. First and foremost, think of written consent as your backstage pass – no consent, no entry.  Always include your business name, provide clear terms and conditions, offer an opt-out option during business hours, and respect consumer privacy and 

rights. Adhering to these regulations is your ticket that keeps you in the good graces of the law, saving you from legal headaches, and protecting consumer privacy.

How to Get Started

Are you ready to start text message marketing or improve your current text strategy? Let’s connect. Call 305-455-0720 or email us to start the conversation.

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