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Dr. George Sanders Plastic Surgeon

Now that our website is up and running and really producing well, he (John Berry, Vice President of SEOversite) is there for us every step of the way in terms of evaluating their performance... there's accountability for the web team."



Andrea Watkins, Practice Administrator for Dr. Nick Slenkovich, Denver, Colorado Plastic Surgeon

As a current client of SEOversite, I would highly recommend their expertise in web analytics, the “back-of-house” workings of search engine optimization, web-site development and how it all affects your practice. Their expertise in these areas relating specifically to the cosmetic surgery industry has been a huge benefit to our practice in the past 18 months as we have grown revenues by about 35% and recently launched an amazing new website.



It has been a pleasure working with John Berry at SEOversite. We didn’t know the first thing about SEO or how to choose a company to help with it... enter John Berry. John took the time to listen and find out what our specific needs were while offering his own suggestions, and got us a very custom proposals from various companies. John is easy to talk to, he listens to you and he makes sure he is clear on what it is you need to help your business move forward.

Kelly McCann, Marketing Director, C&R Insurance


Dr. Thomas Funcik Facial Plastic Surgery Charleston

Dr. Thomas Funcik shares how his website re-design improved their SEO rankings and increased lead generation.



Jenna Voliva Wise Center for Plastic Surgery

Jenna Voliva on how we improved rankings and helped Wise Center for Plastic Surgery re-brand.



I've been told that successful people surround themselves with people that are smarter than them and that's precisely why we hired SEOversite to headway our search for an SEO partner that suited our business best. Jon and his team know what they are doing. When talking with the SEOversite team we feel like we have a true advocate for our business whose outside perspective helps us shape our internal choices. They are remarkably professionals and thorough. A great choice for someone who is unsure which direction to head with their digital marketing plan.

- Heather and Andrew Vreeland, * Occasions Media Group


Ken Morgenstern, MD Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Ken Morgenstern shares his experience with hiring SEOversite, Miami Website Design matchmaking firm, to oversee the process of redesigning his oculoplastic surgery practice website.



Dina Eliopoulos MD Center for Plastic Surgery

We have established a great partnership with John Berry, from SEOversite, and his dedication to the relaunching of our website (a lot of input with the re-designing) was outstanding. His SEO knowledge and expertise has strengthened our online presence and has driven more traffic to our practice. He continues to be a great resource of ideas, suggestions, recommendations - well, you name it. John is a true professional, a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended. We love the peace of mind knowing he is overseeing our website SEO, since this is not our area of expertise. We...can’t wait to see what comes next!

Dr. Eliopoulos & Staff



Starting a private plastic surgery practice is quite simply, overwhelming. Not only must you juggle finances to pay overhead and buy equipment while simultaneously providing excellent care to patients and meticulously documenting everything you do for your plastic surgery boards, you must also navigate the enormous advertising and marketing machine. I found the SEOversite booth at the Aesthetic meeting in 2017 and was impressed by the services that they offered to surgeons starting practice. I took advantage of their free match making service which was as easy as having a 1 hour phone conversation with them where we discussed my interests, style, and future goals. Within days they recommended two website companies that they felt fit my practice vision. The most difficult part of the match making service was choosing between the two companies that they recommend as both seemed to be a perfect fit! I could not be happier with the website company they paired me with, within months I was already receiving significant traffic and getting great consult bookings through my website. I also signed up for their LITE PLUS program which has been the most affordable purchase of my practice start up. I cannot stress enough how nice it is to have someone looking over my shoulder and making recommendations as to how to optimize my practice, they also provide monthly reports on how we are doing and are always immediately available to talk. SEOversite has taken a great deal of hassle and stress out of my busy schedule and have always pushed me in the right direction with regard to marketing my practice. Hiring SEOversite is one of the best moves a new surgeon can make when starting practice.

Dr. Matthew Lewis, MD, Portland, Oregon, Plastic Surgeon


Susan Korn for Dr. George Moynihan Patient Care Coordinator

Susan Korn from Dr. George Moynihan's facial plastic surgery practice in Chicago shares website traffic results and SEO rankings after revamping their website with SEOversite.



I have been a client of SEOversite for the past 2+ years and have noted substantial improvements in my website views, leads, and organic search traffic. As a Rhinoplasty specialist, internet exposure is a critical component for a successful practice/business model.

When I brought SEOversite on board, I had been with the same website team for 4 years. I had had good initial growth after launching a new website, but stagnated with my non-pay-per-click presence. I was at the point of looking to change my web team: mostly because I did not have time to monitor their activity, but also because I had no clue of how to do it.

They kept my web team, who were working at a good value, and managed to boost their productivity substantially. Over the next 2 years, leads have more than doubled and business is doing great.

When I finally got to a point where I had outgrown the old team's capabilities, they were instrumental in helping me find a high end group and even got their pricing down for me to boot. I am currently in the process of switching over but I am not panicking, because I know SEOversite is there to assist and confirm that everything is being done appropriately.

In addition to helping with these day to day activities, SEOversite has helped with strategic planning of the internet goals. They have helped me to figure out budgets and also advised me on basic social media strategy. All in all, they have helped to make the website 'black box' seem illuminated and I cannot recommend them more highly to anyone looking to expand or improve their internet presence.

Richard W Westreich MD FACS, New York City, New York


Sonya Merriman MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Merriman shares how her practice's website redesign, managed by SEOversite, generated over 1,200 inquiries in the first year.



The team at SEOversite delivered exactly what they promised. Rather than waste countless hours sifting through potential SEO firms, we were quickly matched with 3 teams that had experience specific to our rather niche industry. It's very reassuring to know that no matter who we chose, we knew we had a team we could trust to deliver results.

Jeremy Davenport, Director of Digital Sales and Mobile Strategy


Jenny Kapolnek, Dr. Ron Russo Rejuvenis

Listen to the Rejuvenis video testimonial.



John Berry has been a great partner for University Plastic Surgeons. His cosmetic surgery industry knowledge and understanding is on target. John is available for scheduled and short notice conferences. He is always willing to runs ideas with us and advise on industry best practices. As part of their consulting service SEOversite offers suggestions on industry vendors and will review the proposals from vendors.

Susan Levko, Project Manager-Marketing, University Clinical Health, Project Manager-Marketing, University Clinical Health


For anyone looking for a turnkey solution for web services, don't look any further. We have gone through 4 to 5 different web services vendors to maintain our webpage, improve our online rankings, conduct adwords campaign's, etc. Some of those are highly recognizable names in the ophthalmology world. Unfortunately, in our experience, none of these vendors were able to deliver. I believe the biggest reason for that is there is a gap in knowledge between the you and the web services team that you hire. They may throw out many fancy words and descriptions as to what they plan to do, but just as when the patient visits a doctor, you really don't have all the knowledge to evaluate what is going to happen. You have to have some trust in that web team. How can you develop trust in the web team that you will likely never meet and probably only found online? Trial and error. This is where Jon Hoffenberg and SEOversite comes in. With his services, they are able to filter through and screen the best web services teams that would be right for your locality, your budget, and your business. After selecting a vendor that they recommended, we have gotten results. More importantly, we have gotten more peace of mind knowing that the web services team is working hard on our behalf!

Dr. Shah, Beach Eye Medical Group | Orange County, California


Thank you John, for continuing to steer our website into calmer, more profitable waters. Your attention to the numbers and the analytics, and interpreting this in layman’s terms is always appreciated. We are in a growth phase since switching to the new website team. Your oversight and feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope this trend continues. With you at the helm, I am confident it will!

...for the month of May, we have doubled the amount of emails coming to us thru the website!... :):) Now, this is getting exciting!

Nora Hopkins, Owner


Lisa Serna for Dr. Jeffrey Hopkins Patient Coordinator

Lisa Serna, Patient Coordinator for Dr. Jeffrey Hopkins, Dallas Plastic Surgeon, shares how organic website traffic has increased since working with SEOversite.



I have been working with John Berry, VP, SEOversite, for almost 2 years now, and it has been a positive experience. He helped us find a web team, assisted us in the construction of our new website, and has been a strong voice for our practice when working with our website team on any issues, changes and deadlines. He is always happy to help and give us direction on goals, such as videos and pictures, and has been a big part of our much-improved visitor and lead counts. He is attentive and answers emails promptly. Glad he’s on our team! You’re the BEST John!

Lisa Serna - J. Hopkins MD, Practice Administrator


We have worked with SEOversite for over a year, and the results have been nothing short of outstanding! Our visitor and lead counts have grown substantially, leading to increased exposure, and most importantly, increased sales! Therefore, we would highly recommend them to anyone!

When we decided to hire SEOversite, we were about to fire our current web team. The team we were working with at the time, like most teams we had worked with in the past, were strong initially, and then coasted along. We had neither the time, nor the deep understanding of SEO necessary to communicate with that team, to make sure they were delivering what they promised to.

At the time we hired SEOversite, we had also already been working with YellowTelescope for several years, and knew we were hiring a team with an incredible knowledge base, and the utmost integrity. SEOversite proved to have them same level of professionalism and ability to deliver results as Yellow Telescope.

We have been extremely pleased with SEOversite. We have received monthly reports, highlighting the key numbers, which we didn't even know to look for in the past. They have kept the teams we have worked with honest, and we have made changes based on their recommendations! They are very influential in all of the major web decisions we encounter.

Both John Berry and Jon Hoffenberg are so experienced and having them on our team has saved us time and money, while simultaneously growing our sales. Therefore, we highly recommend SEOversite!

Jeffrey Wise MD, FACS, Wayne, New Jersey


My journey with SEOversite and its related companies, has been so good that I am somewhat reluctant to share, but here goes.

I started using their services in late 2013 when I was looking for a practice administrator. The weekly accountability, training and coaching that they have provided [through their sister-company, YellowTelescope] since that time with my Administrative and Sales teams, has been consistent and highly specific to my practice.

When our web team became less responsive to the growing needs of my practice, SEOversite was able to recommend a new website team which has delivered a combination of improved aesthetics as well as improved analytics. Our leads are up and growing thanks to the monthly accountability with the web team by SEOversite.

I was so impressed with their performance that I immediately hired their latest creation – iScreamSocialMedia, which has delivered a better product after only 1 month than my previous team!

To summarize, Jon, Ed and the team at SEOversite are honest, ethical and dedicated to growing practices with sales coaching, staff training and lead optimization. I have recommended them to my closest colleagues. As I continue to grow my business, I look forward to many years of continued growth with them by my side.

Sam M Sukkar, MD FACS,


Over the course of the past ten years I have been with five different web companies, three over the past three years alone. Each time these web companies would promise me the world in the improvements for Search engine rankings and placement. Unfortunately this always led to empty promises bringing me back either to square one or worse with my rankings further declining. I would comb the cosmetic trade shows year after year and each web sales person would provide a detailed analysis of my current website with stats and figures that contradicted the other companies.

Although I felt knowledgeable about SEO, PPC, email marketing etc. I finally conceded that my specialty is and was cosmetic surgery and it was time to find a third party to vet the entire web process. My prior experience, with Yellow Telescope, as "no nonsense straight shooters " who provide results and not just talk, led me to their sister company SEOversite. They did the legwork and provided three well established companies. Any of these would have been a good fit as my internet provider.

After choosing one of the three, I decided to further improve my odds of success by hiring SEOversite LITE PLUS [led by] John Berry to not only oversee that the transition was going smoothly but also as a sounding board for any and all internet marketing questions. His help has been immeasurable, which comes as no surprise as Yellow Telescope ( Jon and Ed) have always made themselves available to answer my practice questions. Their knowledge base and wisdom is impressive.

The results with [SEOversite and SEOversite LITE PLUS]: visitor counts and leads continue to grow, increasing overall sales from the previous year.

Without hesitation I recommend, SEOversite and YellowTelescope.

Mark Berkowitz MD, Detroit, Michigan


Having help in this sea of technology is priceless. Jon and his team not only find you the right SEO help, they assist and comment on the process of website development and SEO advancement. I did not know where to turn after 3 website disasters and no patients finding us on the internet in their search. Now, I am sure they will... Thank you Jon/SEOversite!

Dr. Virginia Beaton, Complexions Medi + Spa - Long Island, New York

We spent the last several years trying to find a web development company that would work well for us. We are a small but busy office. It was difficult to monitor web performance and coordinate web page updates and so we relied on our web developer to keep up with our SEO needs. After seeing our position for important keywords fall in the search engines over a six month period, we enlisted SEOversite’s assistance in hiring a new web developer.

SEOversite’s involvement expedited our decision process because they pre-screened the web development companies, communicated our needs directly with those companies and obtained proposals. John Berry participated in the interview process and helped us evaluate the companies for our business needs.

SEOversite’s involvement expedited our decision process because they pre-screened the web development companies, communicated our needs directly with those companies and obtained proposals. Not only did SEOversite help us find a new developer, but they were very supportive during our “break up” with the web developer we were working with. The new web development company is an excellent fit with our business and we have seen a marked improvement in inquiries through search engines and website contact forms just within our first full quarter with the new company. They are very responsive when we need to adjust our website and SEO for new product offerings or marketing campaigns launched by the various products we offer.

We highly recommend SEOversite’s services. In a very professional manner, they will keep the project members on task and ensure the process is efficiently managed from start to finish.

Jennifer Kapolnek, Practice Manager and Ron Russo, MD FACS, Champaign, Illinois