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Simple SEO Tips to Boost Rankings

We all want a website that is ranking on the top of Google’s search results, but there’s a lot that goes into getting that top spot. So much, in fact, that it can overwhelm people and they don’t know where to start. But that’s where we can help. Here are 3 simple SEO tips to help boost your rankings.

Keyword Targeting for Important Pages

I know, keyword targeting sounds like a scary concept, but it’s quite simple and very effective. It’s best if you have a keyword research tool, but if not, you can still get by without one. Keyword targeting comes down to finding the primary keyword for a given page on your site. This keyword will typically be the primary product, service, or field that you serve. For example, we are a digital marketing agency, so that would be our primary keyword.

Once you have found your primary keyword, you need to make sure that it is on your page in a couple of important places.

The first of which is the primary header of the website:

The second is in the title tag for your page:

And third is throughout the content on the page.

Why is keyword targeting so important? It’s important because this is how Google can tell what your website is about. Google doesn’t have hundreds of people scouring the internet for every website out there and deciding what should rank higher in the search results. Google sends out little spiders (seriously, that’s what they’re called) to crawl your website and read the content presented. The more a keyword shows up, the more Google will think that is what your site is about.

Create a Google Business Listing

Nearly half of all searches on Google are done with locality in mind. What does that mean, exactly? It means that people are searching for a product or service along with a location or the phrase “near me”. These searches will bring up Google Business Profiles. Think of these as Google’s Directory entries.

Within these profiles, you can fill out important information such as your name, address, phone number and website, your store hours, and images. The more complete your profile, the more likely you are to rank higher.

The reason these listings are so important is because they appear before any other landing page in the search results. They show up before all organic search results, and even before the paid results.

Link Building

This is the part of SEO that can be very beneficial but can also hurt you tremendously if done incorrectly. Link building is the process of getting links on other domains pointing to your website. This helps boost the value of your website by having the value of one site being transferred to another through a link.

This is where link building can hurt you if done incorrectly, though. If you have a link to your website on a low-quality website, then Google will penalize you. What makes a website low-quality? The biggest giveaway of a low-quality site is spammy content. This typically comes in the form of “link dump” websites. This is where people will pay money to have their link show up on a page that provides no real value. This is also known as blackhat link building.

On the flip side, we have whitehat link building. This type of link building comes with lots of hard work but is the most beneficial. The two primary ways of generating links are through directories and citations, and through guest blogging.

There are loads of quality directories on the internet, including Google Business Profiles, and adding your business to those high-quality sites will transfer their value to your site. Another benefit of these links is that the consistent name, address, phone number, and URL (NAPU) will also help improve the value of your Google Business Profile.

Guest blogging on the other hand will require some content-know-how on your part. This kind of link building requires you to first reach out to another blog and see if they would be willing to let you write a piece of content for their blog and add a link to your site in that blog. Guest blogging needs to benefit the blog, so you will have to provide quality content that can generate traffic for them.

These are the 3 simple SEO tips to help boost the performance of your website. It’s safe to say that even the simple tips still require a fair amount of work and effort. But if it seems like too much, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for SEO marketing help.

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