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Issue #39: SEOversite Explained – The Complimentary Digital Marketing & SEO Service That Changed Everything


“Our need will be the real creator.” – Plato

In the early 2010’s, our YellowTelescope President was managing a very successful plastic surgery practice. Part of his responsibilities included managing a marketing budget of around $20-30k a month and ensuring a sound return on that investment.  There was only one problem – Jon wasn’t an online marketing expert, and the waters of digital marketing and SEO proved murky and difficult to navigate. ROI was unclear, and it left him wishing that there was someone who could explain whether they were getting $20-30k worth of work for what they were spending. Just like that, SEOversite was born.


We began with what we called SEOversite Turnkey Marketing Manager. This offers comprehensive oversight for your entire online presence. We’ll analyze the true effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts, attend regular calls with your web team to discuss strategy, advise on additions to consider, and generally be an executive level sounding board for all things marketing at a fraction of the cost of bringing someone in-house full-time. This service fills a longstanding gap in the digital marketing world and finally provides checks and balances in an area where they previously didn’t exist. We became the “Guardian Angels Watching Over Your Online Presence” and all was well. Then the question shifted from “is my team doing well” to “my team’s not doing well – where should I take my business?”


No one knows the true origin of the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention,” but it is fitting. We had many clients who, after looking deeper at the current state of their marketing, needed to switch to a new team. We began to sift through many different online marketing firms, finding that most were bad or good, but very few were truly great. Over time we made a list of only the best of the best – honest, trustworthy, and truly superb teams we dubbed our Preferred Vendors.


This resulted in the creation of SEOversite LITE, our completely free offering that allows us to “match” a client with the Preferred Vendor we feel best suits their needs. This makes life much easier for all parties involved, as our clients no longer have to lift a finger to find their new team (or run the risk of picking another bad one). We knew that we’d be able to hold their new team to a higher level of accountability. If the vendor continues to do excellent work, they receive more referrals. However, if at any point we find that their results are slipping or they leave a client’s plate spinning in a corner, they are removed from our list of vendors, referrals cease, and we move our clients to a new team. Thankfully this turns out to be very rare, but it is nice to be able to ensure that our clients receive special treatment 😊. We earn a living by taking finders fees from the web vendors as they have no cost of acquisition and can pass on some of that savings to us. While we don’t earn much, if we have hundreds of clients it can add up and the client can receive our services for free in much the same way the seller pays a real estate agent for finding the buyer.


A few years and several hundred matches later, we have now been named in back-to-back  years to Inc. Magazine’s list of the “5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America,” with a great chance at winning for a third year in a row. We have phenomenal vendors for everything from web design to pay per click advertising, live chat to IT support, improved ratings and reviews to elite SEO services, and so much more.  2019 was our biggest year yet, and we’re just getting warmed up.


To learn more about our free matchmaking service, contact us here or call (305) 455-0720.

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