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Where should I spend my internet marketing dollars?

One of the most common things people ask our team here at SEOversite, as they know we are unbiased and are not looking to “sell” our clients new websites or SEO, but rather find them the best firms to provide the best results,  is why their competitor is outranking them on Google if they are a smaller or newer business. It is a weighted question if you review our “Google is a Librarian” blog. One of the first things I do is pull up the results page for the keywords they hope to rank for to find out what kind of rankings the competitor is garnering.

How To Tell The Difference Between Pay Per Click Campaign and Organic Search Engine Optimization Rankings

Imagine typing the search term “best eye doctor in Miami” into Google. The results page is broken into three parts. At the top, you will see a few results, usually 2 or 3, and to the left of the website address, you will see the word “ad”. This means that those sites are paying for a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Think of these listings like using steroids. You will get immediate results, just as steroids help you build muscles fast, but they cost you a lot of money and as soon as you stop you “deflate” and have no lasting rankings.  Campaigns can be very costly – from a few hundred dollars a month to well over $30,000/month.  Large companies can spend millions a year in rare cases. Just like steroids, as soon as you stop paying for the service, you deflate. Your rankings will tumble. But if you are looking to shoot to the top of the rankings page and have the budget, it is a great way to get high rankings, fast.

Underneath the pay-per-click ads are a few listings with an address to the left of a small map. These are your Google Local listings. This is more applicable to location searches such as “best eye doctor in Miami”. Rankings have to do with your business’ specific Google Local page. Your rankings are based on reviews and how well you maintain your Google Local page and Google Local listings.  Higher rankings in Google Local are a nice complement to high organic rankings accomplished through strong search engine optimization and usually outrank even a #1 organic search ranking on google.  In a perfect world, with time, you can rank for both.

Scrolling down your search results for “best eye doctor in Miami” you will next find what look to be “normal” rankings. These are referred to as organic rankings. These are the rankings that good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can build. To get to the top of these rankings you have to do a lot of work. Because the results are slower, the cost is more affordable (with the average SEO team charging around $1000-$3000 for most businesses generating from $500,000 to a few million a year in revenue, like doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, successful real estate firms, and other small to medium-sized businesses). Just like getting muscles the natural way, it takes a lot of gym time and a healthy diet. Getting good organic rankings requires a lot of time doing SEO the right way. That means adding tons of content and link building. It means performing the tedious tasks associated with ranking for different keywords, different cities or counties. For instance “best eye doctor in Miami” will pull different results as “best ophthalmologist in Miami” or “best eye doctor in South Florida”. You need to find out which keywords will get you the highest rankings and the biggest impact. Your SEO team must drill down on chosen keywords to slowly, over a series of weeks and months, give your site authority in the eyes of Google. The results are slow but steady and if done properly should get you sustained organic rankings that should last for a little while. Your rankings won’t deflate when you stop, the way paying for results will. But even if you are in the best shape of your life, if you start going to McDonald’s every day and never step foot in the gym, you will lose your shape. Continued SEO is still necessary to hold onto authority since Google’s algorithm is ever-changing.

Which type of SEO will work best for my business?

Only you as a business owner can decide what marketing strategy to use. Many companies will use both organic SEO and run PPC campaigns for special promotions. Others have a consistent monthly spend for PPC and supplement it with organic SEO. Each location, sector of business, and budget is different though our team can help you determine the proper mix and budget for a business the size of yours. One is not better or worse than the other, they are just different. If you are in a smaller market, getting high rankings with a few keywords is not too difficult, you may never need to explore more expensive PPC options. However, if you are located in a big city and have a ton of competition, you may never be able to rank on the first page for your desired keywords or may only rank for a small selection of and have to supplement those rankings with PPC for more competitive or more obscure offerings, products, and services. You may decide it is worth the investment to run a PPC campaign to get to the top of the page.

Structuring how you will get rankings on Google should be a key piece of your marketing campaign and budget. You need to take a comprehensive look at your business goals and budget to see how to maximize your online presence. Keep an eye on your internet marketing strategy to see if it is working or if you should consider other options.

At SEOversite we are not yet-another-website-company, but rather an oversight group that helps your web teamwork better or helps you find the right web vendor. Our services range from completely complimentary to paid, so we usually are able to help, even if there is no price attached. For more information on how SEOversite can be your guardian angel watching over your web presence please visit us at

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