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SEOversite's three tier package plans

We have three unique plans to fit any budget

SEOversite LITE - this is our FREE program – We help your business find superb vendors for all of your online needs. SEO, Website Design, App Design, Pay-per-click advertising, reputation management and reviews, e-commerce, live chat, and more. Pay nothing, but benefit from our expertise in weeding out subpar teams and “weeding in” the very best. Consider us the "matchmaker" between your business and superb, vetted, fairly prices online vendors.

  • Speak to determine the scope of your needs, budgets, and goals.
  • Source proposals from vetted vendors we have worked with and trust, presenting options typically within a week, or making live introductions at events.
  • Guidance and strategy during team selection if requested.
  • Participate in an initial “kick-off” call to make sure everyone’s expectations are aligned, plus a follow-up call if requested.
Free – Nada – Zero – Zilch
No tricks or surprises – it really is that simple. We do receive affiliate fees for referring you to our Preferred Vendors.

SEOversite LITE PLUS (+) - $499/month – In addition to all that we provide at no cost with our standard LITE package, receive a quarterly block of hours from our skilled Client Directors and on-call Web Gurus. If you would love to have a digital marketing manager, but need to keep costs under control, LITE PLUS is an ideal option.

  • Ensure your web team is performing well
  • Provide assistance reviewing detailed monthly analytics
  • Get ideas on how to improve email marketing campaigns
  • Create an overall strategy to grow visitor counts to your website
  • Review how to improve onsite conversions
  • Discuss costs of a new vendor for SEO, PPC, Live Chat, Website or App Design and more
For less than 5% of what a full-time digital marketing expert might cost per year, have assurance and peace of mind your website(s) and digital marketing are being overseen by the very best. We do receive affiliate fees for referring you to our Preferred Vendors.

Turnkey Digital Oversight

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SEOversite Turnkey Digital Oversight - Prices Customized - Contact us for pricing details – This is a more comprehensive and costly program – You are assigned a Client Director serving as your "turnkey digital marketing manager" to oversee ongoing projects related to your website, plus our on-call Web Guru team serving as the “Guardian Angels Watching Over Your Online Presence.” Imagine having an in-house digital marketing manager focused on growing your online presence for a fraction of the cost.

  • Receive all of the complimentary services included in the LITE package
  • Have a dedicated Client Director proactively working to grow your online presence
  • Received detailed monthly reviews of your site(s) performance & conversion analytics
  • Regular strategy calls to improve lead/sale conversion % if requested
  • Rarely paralleled track record of achieving improved SEO, Site/App Design, PPC, and other online initiatives
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Considering hiring digital marketing personel in-house? Don't - contact us, see better results, and save. We do receive affiliate fees for referring you to our Preferred Vendors.