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Issue #12 – Ohhhhh Snapchat!

Social Media Trends for 2016

Since 2000, human attention span, for media consumption, has decreased to just 8 seconds. It is apparently unlikely you are even reading this sentence. With articles outlining physical phone addictions, inability for children to remain focused, and the feeling of drinking water from a proverbial fire hose, it is clear that times are changing.

Social media may be the new beer (the “cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems”). Having superb social media presence is now a necessity and foregone conclusion in the opinion of many business leaders and owners.  Yet social media is also moving so quickly that it can be difficult to keep pace as so many businesses watch their competitors steal market share. From this article featuring plastic surgeons booked two years in advance in large part due to the newest social media darling, Snapchat, to the invention and growth of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn paid advertising, there is mounting evidence that 2016 is the year for you to invest in getting your share of the over 1 trillion online searches happening every day.

Opinions differ on volume of posts, types of content, the relative importance of one stream versus another, and more, but SEOversite and iScreamSocialMedia have created some guidelines for sustainable posting that will translate into greater brand awareness and more sales.

Read further for specific tips and suggested approaches to social media…

Facebook Tips:

–          Post at least 3 times per week and ideally once a day.

–          Ensure your posts include digital media (photos/videos) and not just written content.

–          Don’t be afraid to write full sentences and paragraphs. Focus on differentiating your business from competitors.

–          Have an “avatar” – the character your social media plays. Write with a consistent voice, sense of humor, and interest range.

–          Post a variety of information, not just specials or things related to your business.

Instagram Tips:

–          Post at least 3 times a week and ideally daily.

–          Take superb photos. You can buy a nice camera for a few hundred dollars.

–          Vary your content widely. If you are a doctor post before/after photos, articles about medicine, stuff for doctors, stuff for patients, birthdays, celebrations, general interests (perhaps you love golf or skincare or whiskey or libraries).  If you are a real estate group post photos of luxury real estate, change it up with flipagrams, but also post celebrations, vacations and travel, articles about a variety of topics, and more.

–          Hashtag generously and “follow your likers, follow back your followers, and reach out to those you want to follow you back.”

–          Take tips from the leaders on Instagram and copy what works.

LinkedIn Tips:

–          Post at least 3 times a week, focus on the weekdays.

–          Comment on other good posts, provide kudos and “hat tips” to others.

–          Connect with at least 50 people per week in a variety of business sectors.

–          Like other posts and your own for greater visibility.

–          Post fun, but professional information – include photos, videos, and other diverse information.

–          Ask openly for business, but only once every five to ten posts.

–          Consider paid advertisement just like with Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter Tips:

–          Post at least 3 days a week, but ideally 7.  Post the same post at least 3 times a day to ensure people see what you posted and it doesn’t get buried in the feed immediately.

–          Include photos, video, and other dynamic content.

–          Hashtag constantly.

–          Seek out hashtags that have high search volume but low total hashtag volume (#nofilter is searched often but also posted often so posts get buried right away vs. #leadership may get searched often with lower post volume so your post sticks longer and higher in people’s hashtag searches)

–          Give shout outs and credit. Follow tons of folks to get follow backs. Follow back those who follow.

Next Level:

–        As Pinterest gains interest and Snapchat scoops up masses of millennials (around 50-60% of folks 13-24 are on Snapchat) and as long as you have mastered the tips above, now is the time to take your social media to the next level.

–          Whether you’re only beginning or you seek greater support to maximize your current efforts, consider using our iScreamSocialMedia wing to help you craft and execute an effective, artful, and profitable social media campaign.

–          Sign up for our free monthly newsletters at and stay tuned for more tips.

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