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Local SEO Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Do you have a local brick-and-mortar biz? Ok, we’re talking to you.

If you’re looking to grow in 2021, one surefire tactic is to focus on your local SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Whether you like it or not, your local business relies on location-specific ranking factors to show up in organic internet searches and the Google My Business Local Pack. And with myriad changes to the Google algorithm in the last 12 months, there’s a good chance your SEO has room to improve to help more local customers find your business.

Our team of SEO guru’s at SEOversite has compiled a checklist to level up your local SEO strategy. If you want to chat further or have our team perform a complimentary SEO audit, give us a call at (305) 455-0720 or e-mail

Add a Virtual Tour

Google My Business allows you to upload images AND videos to your profile (we recommend that you utilize both). Visual content receives higher click-rates and is helpful for new customers in the consideration process. In fact, it might just be the factor that tips the scale in your favor.

Adding a virtual tour of your business using still images, video, or both, helps customers to better grasp your company persona and aesthetic. Plus, you can incorporate it on your webpage too, so the project is well-worth the extra time investment. Images should be clear and high-quality, but don’t fret about producing a studio-quality video production. Have fun with your video tour and let your business’s personality come through. Authenticity is best.

Consistent NAP

Your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) are vital bits of information for your clients to reach you and Google to recognize you. This contact information needs to be the same in every location it’s listed. Inconsistency will lower the Google algorithm’s confidence in your online presence, resulting in no-shows when people search relevant keywords and phrases in your business location.

Make sure you keep all contact information up to date on your website, Google My Business, and anywhere else it appears on the web. You can use Yelp and similar Google site operators to search your business to ensure all contact information is accurate and easy to locate for your customers. Google will appreciate the extra effort!

Optimize Keywords for Voice Search

 Voice search is super handy when you suddenly get a hankering for a chicken enchilada while you’re driving down the interstate. Seriously. You should consider how your business might appear in a smart device voice search versus just a manual Google search, because it’s popular for users looking for products or services that are quick and local.

Keep in mind that voice search keywords are typically longer and less direct. For example, you might take the time to type out, “Best Mexican restaurants in Memphis”, but if you’re driving in your car, that same search would more realistically be, “Hey Siri, where can I find a chicken enchilada near me?”

You’ll want to factor in potential voice search keywords when you’re constructing keyword research.

Include Local Content on Your Website

Blog posts about upcoming local events, business updates on area news stories, and webpages on community fundraisers your business is a part of are all great for creating more avenues for your business to be found by, well, locals. Try to keep this content relevant to your niche, but remember the goal here is to bring more traffic to your page. You’ll have the chance to move leads down the funnel with more business-specific content once they’ve found you.

This area-specific content helps improve organic search rankings because your business will appear for a wider range of relevant search keywords and phrases. Plus, it improves your local reputation and shows you care about your hometown’s affairs.

Push for Reviews

 The reviews are in—you’re going to want customer reviews, as many as you can get. A recent local search ranking study conducted by Moz revealed that customer review signals (including review quantity, review velocity, review diversity, etc.) make up 15.44% of the Local Pack/Finder Ranking Factors pie. Additionally, Testimonial Engine reports that about 90% of consumers will read reviews before visiting a business and 88% of online shoppers use reviews to make buying decisions. Have we convinced you yet?

Customer reviews improve business credibility, build customer trust, and improve referral rates and word-of-mouth marketing, so you’ll want to adopt some variation of a review gathering strategy. We recommend the following:

  • Display customer reviews on your webpage to prompt visitors to write their own
  • Respond to existing reviews
  • Collect email addresses at the time of service and send review requests in a follow-up email
  • Display signs at your physical location

Never pay for reviews and remember that overwhelmingly positive (and negative) customer experiences are the most likely to result in written reviews. The takeaway: delightful customer experiences are the bread and butter of business.

Collaborate with the Locals

Play nice and you might just get an extra share of potential customers. Teaming up with fellow area businesses via guest blogging, podcasts, or cross-business specials and promotions is a great method of local link building. This means your business’s page will be traceable from other local businesses’ pages that share a similar customer base. Your searchability will improve, and the other businesses’ loyal customers are more likely to trust you if one of their local favorites gives the endorsement.

This is mutually beneficial and especially effective if the other business already has a large and dedicated audience.

Join the Local Chamber of Commerce

Finally, here’s something you might not have considered: join your city’s Chamber of Commerce as a registered area business. There’s a fee to join, but you’ll gain a credible, local backlink and improved Google search ranking. And depending on your area, extra membership benefits could include a paper business directory, networking opportunities, discounts, and more.

Remember: local SEO strategy is just as important, if not more so, than traditional SEO strategy because it allows businesses to hyper-focus on a highly relevant, targeted audience that’s more likely to convert to leads and eventually, paying customers.

Our team at SEOversite can help your business find superb SEO strategists, web designers, reputation managers, and e-commerce services. We’ll connect you to our vetted, highly reputable vendors and save your business from a costly, time-consuming search.

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