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Live chat means your website visitors can speak to real humans up to twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. And 41% of your customers (and as many as 50% of those on mobile devices) have come to expect live chat on your website. And that makes sense when you think about the number of times we text, email, or direct message someone compared with calling our valuable clientele. Calling has become a lost art that very few of us miss. And because of this shift in communication over recent years, live chat is no longer just a convenient add-on that your people might find useful, but now it’s a deal breaker when it comes to connecting with your ideal clients and customers.

Since over half of all customers prefer web chat over old school calling the office, not having it is bad for business, and for most companies, a large missed opportunity. The reality is if you are open every day including weekends, you should serve customers during those times. And if you are like most companies that are closed from 5pm to 9am plus weekends, you want to have an outlet for communication during the 128 hours a week you are not open! You’ve invested money and time in driving traffic to your gorgeous website. Live chat takes those marketing strategies one step further, potentially sealing the deal. Live chat is a tool that helps real people who are on your website in real time. And real people who get answers and feel seen, heard, and helped on their time, convert.

And here’s the crazy part. Only 9% of businesses currently use live chat services! So, by implementing this digital contact method into your online marketing strategy, you’re instantly leaps and bounds ahead of your competition, providing solid connections and fast responses that turn into high-value leads. Stay ahead of the curve in your industry and use website live chat to gain a competitive edge.


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Now that our website is up and running and really producing well, he (John Berry, Vice President of SEOversite) is there for us every step of the way in terms of evaluating their performance... there's accountability for the web team."

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How are your live chat agents trained?+

A well-trained live chat agent could potentially make or break your customer service and satisfaction if your clients or customers walk away more confused or frustrated than when they started. Unless your company is huge, bringing a service like this in-house is usually imprudent, with high-costs, high-turnover, and incomplete coverage. By using SEOversite to help you get the best live chat resources you need, your company will save time, money, and frustration. The best live chat agents tend to be English-speaking, college educated, task oriented, responsive and highly-trained – which is no easy feat to find. We work with live chatters that are trained to capture information, but also build relationships, versus appearing to only care about lead or sales capture which can feel pushy.

Further, Preferred Vendor live chat agents are trained to be brand ambassadors with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of your product or service so they can provide basic information and answers. Also, they are schooled in the ins and outs of the live chat platform so that all the tools and features of the system are second nature to them. They perform extensive mock-chats so that practice is made perfect before they’re thrown in the ring, and this includes proper writing skills and soft skills since the agents are a reflection of your company. Last, you can provide feedback to add to their written and saved knowledge bank so they have key phrases and verbiage you approve so the right information is included for your industry’s needs and standards.

How long does it take to integrate live chat with my website? +

In short, it’s quick. We are waiting in the wings to set you up. Once we’ve met with you and defined goals, we connect you with our Preferred Vendors who will create and configure an account, do a test run, add the chat widget to your site, and go live. Over the first couple of months, we recommend providing word tracks and key feedback so they can slowly but surely sound more and more like a key team member and mold themselves in the company’s image. Let us know you’ve made the decision to add live support to your online marketing strategy, and the rest is history.

Is live chat only available during open business hours?+

Unlike your team members, one key benefit of hiring the best live chat companies in America, is that the agents are available 24/7! And this is really where the unexpected magic works: creating conversions on your website outside of office hours. By not having live chat on your website, you may be leaving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the table every day.