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How to Use Google Bard for Your SEO

Move over ChatGPT, there’s a new AI in town. Introducing Google Bard, the newest AI that many marketers will no doubt try to use to write all their content for them. But as we’ve discussed with ChatGPT, there are right ways and wrong ways to use AI to help with your SEO.

The wrong way to use Google Bard to help with your SEO is to tell it to write a blog for you and then copy/paste that to your website. The biggest reason this is a no-no is that while we call Bard and ChatGPT “AI”, it isn’t actually artificial intelligence. These platforms take in a large amount of information and give you general information related to the information it has at its fingertips. 

This will oftentimes result in plagiarized content. Now, this isn’t school so you won’t be receiving a failing grade for it, but Google might punish you for having duplicate content, and at the very least your content won’t be indexed.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t use Google Bard to help with your SEO. You can use Google Bard to help with your keyword research and some aspects of your content creation that isn’t the content itself.

Google Bard for Keyword Research

Google Bard is still under development, but it is significantly improving its ability to access online information sources, including Google’s Search Engine. This means that using Google Bard for Keyword Research is completely possible and might be better than other paid platforms since Bard’s data is coming directly from Google itself.

Why might Bard be the right choice for keyword research for your business? Well, first of all, it’s free. Google Bard can access and process a much larger dataset of information than other free keyword research tools. This means that it can provide you with more comprehensive and up-to-date keyword data without feeling like you need to pay an arm and a leg for dedicated software.

A common downside of other free keyword research tools is that you oftentimes only have a limited number of uses to search for your keywords. The good thing about using Google Bard is that you actually get an unlimited number of searches. This means it’s going to be that much easier for you to find the right long-tail keywords that are typically the most difficult to find.

Using Google Bard for Content Creation

We’ve already said it, but it’s worth bringing up again. Do not use Google Bard to write your whole article or blog post. We are only suggesting using Google Bard to help guide you on your content creation path. 

Many writers can agree that the most difficult part of creating a new piece of content is just getting started. Because of this, using Google Bard to write an outline for your new blog can help you get the creative juices flowing.

Another great way to use the AI platform known as Google Bard is to use it to help you create more concise ways of saying something. Let’s try that again with the help of Google Bard. Google Bard can help you write more concisely. That’s much better. But yes, this example is a bit on the extreme side. But if you’re trying to sound a certain way in your writing but you’re struggling to get there, you can use Bard to help.

Google Bard can also help you find informative and helpful content. If you’re writing about a technical topic, sometimes you don’t have all the answers, but luckily for you, Google likely does. Once you have that information, be sure to write it in your own voice to stay on brand, but it is a helpful tool nevertheless. 

Just like ChatGPT, Google Bard has its place in the SEO world, but don’t let it take over your SEO strategy. If you use Google Bard to help with your keyword research and certain aspects of your content creation, you’ve got a fantastic, free tool at your fingertips to add to your SEO strategy. If you need help with your SEO, you can always reach out for a free consultation.

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