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Score Big – How to Convert More Website Visitors into Leads for Your Business

Are you truly happy with how your website is performing? Two essential analytics to review when considering your website performance are your visitor count – how many people are coming to your website – and conversions – how many of those visitors are actually filling out a contact form or calling your office. When your website has a strong visitor count each month, but conversions are low, it’s a sign that it’s time for change.


At SEOversite we constantly analyze the performance of our clients’ sites and make improvements to increase conversions, in addition to other metrics of success. In fact, we recently helped one of our clients improve conversions by 60% year over year (view the case study here), and that’s just one example! Here are just a few of the many tips we have to share:


  1. Create More Website Inquiries by Making it Easy for Your Visitors to Contact You

If potential clients are visiting your website, kudos to you – your digital marketing strategy is working! Now focus on converting those visitors into actual leads for your practice. We won’t bore you with basics, like having a phone number and contact form. Instead, here are a few more advanced tips to improve your website conversions:

  • Have a call-to-action button (Ex: “Contact Us Today”) in an obvious place “above the fold,” which means on the opening screen of your computer, tablet, or phone, on every page of your site. Ensure it “scrolls as you scroll” meaning the ability to contact the office follows the site visitor and is never out of sight (or site ?).
  • Add live chat to your website (see #3 below).
  • Keep your website forms as short as possible with ideally no more than 5 fields.


  1. Grow Online Conversion Percentages by Showing Off (You’ve Earned Those Bragging Rights!)

People searching for your services are likely researching competitors before making a decision. You have just a few seconds to stand out from your competition and it has to happen, again, above-the-fold of your homepage. This is the portion of your homepage that is visible without scrolling further down the page. Reserve this sacred space for your most powerful accolades and results. How many clients have you served? What awards have you won? Ask yourself if this truly differentiates you from your competition. One simple way to do so is to ask, “Is this something others can claim or is it unique to me and my company.” And don’t forget to include a link to your best work.


  1. Live Chat Improves Website Conversion so Be Available to Chat

Recent studies show that over 50% of website visitors prefer to chat online rather than call or e-mail a business and some of these visitors will even leave your website if you don’t have a live chat feature because they prefer it that much (Hubspot). Sophisticated live chat companies can be a powerful extension of your sales team and convert an additional 0.25% to 2% of your website visitors into new leads. That may not seem like many new inquiries or a large improvement, but if your website has 3,000 visitors a month, an increase of even a half of a percent in conversion means 15 new leads a month and 180 new inquiries a year. In many industries from legal, to medical, to insurance, to food service, to business-to-business sales, and beyond this is a game changer and highly profitable. Not all live chat companies are created equal and we’ve vetted many of them – contact us to hear more about the one we recommend.


  1. The Growth in Video and Visual Content to Build Lead Volume – Share Your Results

Thanks to Google Analytics, we can find out exactly which pages perform the best on your website. Depending on your industry, visual results like before and after photo galleries, videos of your team performing the work they do, and case study pages regularly rank at the top for website traffic. Your clients want to see the work you do and understand what they can expect from hiring your company. Create a robust “results” section of your website and WOW your customers with not only amazing outcomes, but loads of them .


If you have any questions about your website performance and ways to improve, SEOversite is here to save the day –  let’s have a conversation. Many of our services are complimentary, and we have a proven track record of helping clients convert more website visitors into new clients. Get in touch here or call (305) 455-0720 for a free strategy session.

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