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How Social Media Affects Your SEO

How Social Media Affects Your SEO

Your social media performance isn’t married to your SEO, but they have a pretty serious fling going on. In other words, social media won’t directly impact your company’s SEO, but it can influence it by affecting the factors upon which your SEO depends. So, how exactly does social media affect your SEO? Read on…

Social Media Profiles Rank in Google Searches

Did you realize that your social media profiles will show up in search results on Google and Bing? When someone types your business name into a search engine, your social media accounts will be factored into the results. This gives people options to see your business from different perspectives as well as gives you more chances to rank higher in Google search, capturing more “page 1 real estate.”

Depending on the keywords used in the search, your business might see its social feeds, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other important platform profiles, featured in the search results, in addition to your website. The more social platforms you have and the more successful they are, the more it will impact your SEO.

Any chance you can, it makes sense to provide people opportunities to click on a result linking them to your business- Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, your website, etc.- the more organic visitor rankings improve, the more your lead and purchase volume will improve.

Social Media Channels Bring Traffic to Your Website

Engaging with your social followers and posting useful content with links helps drive this traffic off your social platforms and onto your website. For example, this article which we hope helps businesses looking to improve social media marketing nationally could be found through our email newsletter list, on our website, linked to our @iScreamSocialMedia Instagram or Facebook feed, on our LinkedIn account, and more. And as Miami-based social media marketing leaders who serve clients nationally and internationally, we work to create quality evergreen content so no matter what social or search channel a business seeking the finest in social media marketing firms finds us through, they have a good chance of finding this article on the topic. And it isn’t only true regarding your followers.

Many people will stumble onto your social media profile by accident as they browse through Instagram or Facebook, especially if they allow apps to track their searches and cookies. These page visits are likely to result in some sort of interaction, such as a like or follow, and drive new visitors to your website.

Your Social Media Presence Improves Your Local SEO

If you are a local business catering to nearby customers, the ability to improve your visibility on that smaller local scale is incredibly valuable. Both an effective local SEO and social media strategy will ensure that prospective customers in your area find you online.

We could talk local SEO for days, so we won’t dive in deep here (reach out to chat with our team offline about it, though!), but here’s how social media makes an impact: social media plays a powerful role in Google’s localized search algorithm by feeding it information and statistics based on your content interaction and link usage. Plus, using Google’s social posting feature called “Google Posts” has a direct impact on your SEO, because well, it’s Google’s, baby!

Social Media Platforms as Search Engines

All social media platforms include their own search bar, which is where having a successful account will translate into higher visibility as your audience increases to include people looking for your specific keywords. Searching “flower arrangements” or “makeup artists Milwaukee” on Facebook or Instagram will generate much different results than typing it in through Google alone, and it will give you a chance to be seen by people who might just be browsing on a whim.

Our Take:

Whether it’s your business’s official Facebook page or your first MySpace profile (no judgment if that was before your time), social media accounts have always been about networking and managing relationships, and it’s unlikely that will change any time soon. On the other side, SEO will always measure your ability to interact with and serve people searching the internet.

Social media might be the perfect tool for you to fine tune your business’s relationship with your online audience. We look at the world wide web as an interconnectedness and Google as the ultimate judge of your authority within that web.  As Google sees more “AND” results, you rise. For example, if you have a superb website chock full of quality, easy-to-use content AND are referred to through links by other websites suggesting you are the expert AND add new content regularly to prove you are current and open for business AND have thousands of followers interacting regularly on social media AND are active on every major platform, the Google search engine thinks “these folks are legit, and they care, so we are going to put them at the top of the list for visitors and views.” So, get going and get interconnected by building your authority on the web.


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