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Has AI Finally Killed the King?

It’s a question as old as time, or at least as old as clickbait titles have existed, but has AI finally killed content? For years, we’ve known that content is an incredibly important aspect of your SEO strategy. So important, that it has its own phrase: Content is King. 

But this is one of the first times that we can actually say that AI has indeed killed content (to a certain extent). Does this mean you shouldn’t be writing content? Absolutely not. But before we get into what you should be doing, let’s look at how AI has been killing content. 

AI Killing Content

First of all, what does the phrase “content is king” actually mean? In short, content is one of the most important tools to bring in traffic and qualified leads to your website through organic means. Google’s search algorithm would base its rankings on what is known as E-E-A-T content (Expertise, Experience, Authority, Trustworthy). This means that if you wrote about a topic where you displayed your expertise, experience, and authority from a trustworthy site/author, you had a strong chance of appearing at the top of the search page. This is not the case anymore.

One of the more controversial additions that Google has made recently is its “Generative AI in Search” feature. What does this feature do? It kills your content. But to actually answer the question “what does the feature do?”, it takes the questions you ask Google and instead of giving you the best results for your question, you are given an AI-generated result. This does not make the information inaccurate, but it is merely an aggregate of information Google has found on other pieces of content.

Google AI response for EEAT content


This image is a search result of the long-tail keyword “how to write eeat content”. Normally, the top results would be a piece of content written by someone who has shown expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness. But now it is a short list provided by AI. Luckily for us, this is a feature that we can turn off, but it may only be a matter of time before it is a fully baked-in feature. 

I may be slightly biased because I am a human writing content that cannot compete with Google’s AI, but I would be lying if I said that this is not a handy feature. Many in my position would vilify AI because they took our job.

"They took our jobs" South Park Gif

But this is only one piece of the AI-content-pie. If we take a closer look, those using AI content on their site are not killing content. Their own AI content is what is killing them.

According to a study by Neil Patel, the average number of monthly visitors for purely AI-written content was 52, whereas the average number of monthly visitors for purely human-written content was 283.

So AI is actually killing content on two fronts: Google’s AI-generated results are taking precedence over any other search results, and AI content is killing YOUR content. But all hope is not lost because if we use AI intelligently, it can help us.

AI Helping Content

What is AI if not another tool to help us with our own digital marketing strategies? Do we frown upon digital marketers for using tools like KeywordFinder, SEMRush, and Google Analytics? Absolutely not, so that should also be the case for AI tools. But how can we use AI to help us with our content?

These tools can be very helpful if you are hitting a creative wall with your content. For example, if you know you want to write about AI and Content, but can’t think of a title, you can ask an AI tool:

ChatGPT result for blog topics regarding AI

Now that we have a list of general topics to choose from, we can use AI to help come up with the structure of our new blog:

An outline about AI written by ChatGPT

You don’t need to copy/paste this exact outline and hit all the points beat for beat, but you can take ideas from the outline and form your content around it. AI shouldn’t be writing your content for you, but it can help you generate ideas for that content.

AI has certainly changed things for content and SEO, and while AI has killed content to some extent, hope is not lost. Google’s Generative AI responses may have thrown a wrench into the SERPs, but that doesn’t mean you should let AI write YOUR content. Utilize AI as an SEO tool, not a content writer. 

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