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Understanding Online Presence

A Word About SEOversite

SEOversite is the “Guardian Angel Watching Over Your Online Presence,”and the sister company to YellowTelescope ( SEOversite ensures you get more client leads.   YellowTelescope ensures that once you get a client lead, you convert it into a paying customer. While every subsequent issue of this newsletter will be chock full of tips and ideas on growing your lead counts and online presence, for our inaugural newsletter, we have included these introductory thoughts explaining our role. We do not do your SEO, nor build your website. We are not reputation managers. We do not compete with the tens of thousands of web marketing firms in the country. Rather, we ensure that all aspects of your online presence are improved by working with your online vendors to ensure they are held accountable, coached, taught and mentored. We help clients increase quality leads by ensuring best practices are implemented. And for those who need a new website, new web team, or do not have an online presence, we manage the process from beginning to end. We have deep relationships with the “good guys” in the online world, which are few and far between. And with no long term contracts, we put our money where our web skills are to constantly re-earn your business. It’s great to meet you – now let’s grow your business.

What are the Keys to Generating Leads Online?

In brief, to generate a lead through your website, there are two basic steps. First, your website must be found. Second, your website must convert potential clients into actual web leads or phone calls. Many businesses have an impressive website with great information that is visually stunning. They receive no leads, however, as they are not being found by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other similar search engines. In other cases, a business has a plethora of visitors to its website but leads still remain low as the website does not compel the potential buyer to contact the business. Still, other companies lack both visitors and a well-thought-out and executed website. In each of these cases, help is needed or no inquiries will be generated.

The key to getting found, the first step in the process, is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Broadly, this is what makes the librarian (Google, for example) find your book (your website) in the library (the world-wide-web of millions of websites). As over 40,000,000,000 (that’s 40 billion!) searches occur online every day, Google has a difficult task of picking which results should show up first and get found. Google is always changing how it determines which website will be picked out, or ranked, above the next, but there are many fairly consistent rules of thumb, which if followed properly, will ensure consistently high rankings. We will discuss in this and future issues of the SEOversite newsletter many of these best practices.

The keys to converting those visitors into prospective customers who actually call or email your business are complex. Some common-sense ideas, like having a simple, easily navigable website, with well-written important information coupled with some testimonials about why your business, product, service, or team is among the superlative options, already exist on many websites. Beyond that, however, the world’s highest-flying websites, generating the most inquiries, figure out myriad secrets and exploit them to ensure they dominate their competition. From properly designed “calls to action” throughout each page to selecting color schemes that invite lead submissions and build trust, to showcasing the product, service, or executive team accolades appropriately to drive conversion, there are a variety of overlooked and underutilized proven keys to improving conversion.

Further, complex “onsite SEO” concepts like ensuring H1-H6 header tags are location and service/product specific, proper URL naming, and appropriate selection of blog content, length, and keywords are just a smattering of the pearls that should be implemented on most sites. Further still, even more complex “offsite SEO” best practices must be exploited to ensure extraordinary rankings. Near-perfect directory submissions, non-image-based indexable content throughout the website, link building campaigns using high-quality tier 1 and 2 articles, white papers and press releases, as well as maximizing social media including Google+ Local page, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more are all key ideas in raising rank and authority on the internet.

Are you lost yet? Let’s simplify!

So how is your web team doing with these tasks? How do you know? Do you believe that “all web companies are the same”? Have you tried more than one and not seen the results you want? Do you often feel that you went to school and opened your business so you could run your company, not so you would have to become an internet guru? Then we may be able to help. Unlike so many web companies who try to convince every client to fire all of their vendors and switch to them, SEOversite does not necessarily believe the vendor is incompetent simply because they have not achieved significant results. Rather, our goal is to initially work with your existing web team (or help you find the right one if you don’t have one) to help them reach their capacity and see what they can achieve when they have six-figure web gurus watching over them, positively policing them, as well as coaching and mentoring them. Yes, if they fail, we have a group of high-level vetted and proven “SEOversite Preferred Vendors” who we can offer at affordable rates, but in many cases, we can help your web team to take results to a new level. SEOversite purposely has no financial relationship with its vendors so we are only incentivized to recommend site designers and SEO experts who will truly deliver.

Quite simply, “there is no company like our company, near our company, so only our company is our company.” Indeed, SEOversite is truly “blue ocean” with no direct competitors. We do not perform SEO. We do not build your website. We do not do reputation management nor get you online reviews. Rather, we ensure all of these tasks and much more are accomplished by your web team at an A+ level. In a world where web teams’ circumlocution frustrate business owners endlessly, and web teams keep your “plate-spinning” by talking over the heads of clients, and even occasionally flat out lie, our Web Gurus cannot be tricked. They know the information being discussed better than nearly any web company and are able to get results for our clients by holding a level of accountability, building trust, teaching, and mentoring in a way no other company or business owner is able. Help, finally, has arrived.

We appreciate you reading our inaugural newsletter. To schedule a complimentary initial call to discuss your online presence, contact us today at or call us at 305-455-0720. Download our YellowTelescope and SEOversite Podcast by searching “yellowtelescope” in the iTunes store, and read future SEOversite newsletters for tips on how to improve lead counts and online presence.


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