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Top 5 “Google My Business” Optimizations You Need to Make

So you’ve finally decided to take a second look at your Google My Business page, huh? Or maybe you didn’t even know you had a page (yes, this happens) and now you’re looking for some quick tweaks to get your listing up to speed. Either way, we’ve got you covered: the trick to gaining more visibility for your business from search results is to maintain a fully optimized Google My Business profile.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a separate Google My Business account in order to manage the page, but it’s free, relatively painless, and gives you full access and ownership over your listing. Once you do, check out these 5 Google My Business optimizations to improve your page ranking and search visibility.

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Try out Google Posts

If you want an easily accessible location to post updates on your business that will actually reach your customers, look no further.

Google Posts are essentially mini alerts or status posts that will appear on your Google My Business listing. These can include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Product Features
  • Offers and Events
  • Hour Updates
  • What’s New

Including posts on your listing increases your chances of appearing in the 3-pack and receiving more clicks.

You can have some fun with these– try establishing brand voice and personality with your updates, and don’t be afraid to use some creative shots if you’re highlighting a special product. There’s a good chance that these posts are some of the first bits of branded content your potential customers will see, especially if they find your page through a location-based search.

Use Special Attributes

 This is a relatively new feature that was introduced to allow businesses to highlight specific attributes or safety precautions they’ve implemented. You can list attributes like “Appointment required”, “Curbside pickup”, “Black-Owned Business”, and more. These are great for customers when they’re deciding where to take their business.

To add an attribute to your profile, you’ll need to be signed-in to your Google My Business account. From there, select your business location and click “Info” from the menu. You should see an option to “Add Attributes” and “Edit”. Chose the attributes you want and click “Apply”. Boom. You’re all set.

Incorporate Video

Video is where it’s at. Just look at how popular TikTok and Instagram Reels have become, let alone Snapchat and Vine in the past, amongst viewers. We’re seeing this trend extend across all digital platforms, including your Google My Business page. Your audience loves it, Google loves it, and gosh darn it, you’ll learn to love it too.

Make your video efforts easier on yourself by keeping your content simple and varied. Patient submitted testimonials, casual location tours, product features, and short educational videos are all great options. The overarching goal here is to draw users in and offer insight into your business. Creating that connection means they are more likely to visit your website and ultimately, gain your business.

You can add video as an option under the “Photos” tab in your Google My Business account. Just drag and drop the video from your desktop directly onto the upload screen. Make sure the file size is no larger than 75 MB and the resolution is at least 720p. Google currently allows videos of up to 30 seconds in length.

Enable Messaging

This is as easy as clicking a button in your Google My Business App settings. The messaging feature allows customers to instant message your business from your Business listing or Google Maps. Business owners can reply to customer messages in the mobile app on the desktop version.

The pros here:

  • Improves your customer’s ease of access
  • Meet potential customers where they’re at (90% of all internet searches are conducted on Google)
  • Access to statistics like conversions, clicks, and total messages

The Google ranking algorithm continues to evolve to favor engagement, so these customer/business interactions will bolster your SEO efforts.

Utilize the Google Marketing Kit

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The Google Marketing Kit is available to every verified Google My Business account holder and offers free posters, social posts, and other marketing material that’s customizable and instantly available. With options for both digital and hard copy promotional content, this is a great option for fledgling marketers and busy business owners.

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