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It’s time for another round-up of digital marketing news with the SEOverview. Let’s not waste any time and get right to the news!


Expanded text ads are disappearing: Don’t disappear with them

You may have heard that Google is soon phasing out the tried-and-true expanded text ads (ETAs) that have widely been the standard in search. With this move, Google is following the industry-wide trend towards automation. ETAs and their forerunners, Standard Text ads, have been the default since Google Ads launched. This upcoming change is a step in a brand-new direction.

Responsive search ads will be the new default for search ads. Savvy advertisers may have foreseen this update: ETAs have been noticeably absent from the “create ad” dropdown for some time now:

As long as you’re prepared, you’ll likely have more successful ad performance once ETAs are phased out. So, with a little less than eight months until the change becomes effective, there is plenty of time to make sure that your Google Ads accounts are in tip-top shape.


Google Ads Rolls Out Performance Max Globally

Dubbed Performance Max, the new offering lets media buyers book inventory across a range of Google properties including YouTube, Search, Discover, Gmail and Maps as part of a single campaign.

The Google Ads team is pitching it as a complementary service to keyword-based Search campaigns—still the bulk of its business—in a further bid to boost advertiser-spend.

The Google Ads team claimed it will introduce more features specifically geared towards marketers that want to attract consumers to their brick-and-mortar outlets, such as retailers, to Performance Max in the coming year.


Google My Business now known as Google Business Profile

Google is renaming Google My Business to Google Business Profile, as it moves efforts to bring more of the business profile management out of the Google My Business app and directly into Google Search, Google Maps, and those respective apps.

The new name. Google Business Profile will be the new name going forward for Google My Business. Google said the reason for the new name is to “keep things simple” and sometime in 2022, Google will retire the Google My Business app completely.

Local search in Google is mostly powered by the business profiles Google has in Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business. For now, the web interface is not changing much, outside of branding, but over the coming months, you can expect more and more of the features in the old Google My Business web interface will work directly in Google Search, Google Maps, and the respective apps.


And with that, we have finished another exciting round of digital marketing news. Be sure to check back in next month for our next installment.

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