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Best Cosmetic Surgery Websites of 2021

Best Cosmetic Surgery Websites of 2021

While lots of businesses are quick to celebrate the end of 2021, many of our SEOversite clients wouldn’t mind a repeat, especially those on our list of The Best Cosmetic Surgery Websites of 2021 who are boasting records and reaping the benefits. How did they do it? Design, functionality, and overall aesthetic were just as important as digital performance for these sites.

Below, we break down the fundamentals in hopes of helping you generate more website clicks (and money) in 2022, too. Looking to ramp up your website performance this year? Click here, e-mail, or give us a ring at (305) 455-0720 to schedule a call.

North Shore Cosmetic Surgery – Best Plastic Surgery Website in Long Island

This reputable and growing practice in Long Island successfully achieved their goal of creating a sophisticated, yet welcoming, website design with equally as impressive results. In addition to stunning imagery, North Shore Cosmetic Surgery’s website triumphs include the use of margin space and vertical text placement to keep visitors’ eyesight (and interest) on their navigation. And this is where the site really shines. By simplifying the search and organizing their drop-down menus by the procedures and photos their visitors seek, the result is a site that’s as easy to navigate as it is fun to look at. Their January 2021 full redesign truly paid off. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 2021 redesign included all new branding with fresh videos, an in-house photoshoot, a curated collection of lifestyle stock photography, and mobile-first design and optimization.
  • This resulted in a massive organic traffic increase of about 50% YOY (year over year).
  • They’re averaging 350-500 leads/month from all sources and currently show website converts at a healthy 4-5% rate. (Considering this is the NY/Long Island market, that number is huge and likely 1-2% better than direct competitors!)

Best Plastic Surgery Website in Long Island

EOS Rejuvenation – Top Website in Beverly Hills

Based in Beverly Hills, one of the most saturated markets in the aesthetic industry, we knew that simply making the EOS Rejuvenation site “pretty” wasn’t enough. Instead, this redesign focused directly on the niche of rhinoplasty and the incredible success of Dr. Shemirani. Website visitors clearly understand – they didn’t just stumble upon a rhinoplasty provider – they’re navigating the site of the best in Beverly Hills. ?

How did creators give it that feel? The background video across the header is three-fold: it introduces Dr. Shemirani, then quickly pans to his certifications and degrees. This glimpse is imperative to visitors and the lighthearted nature of the video also keeps the site fresh and modern. Just beyond this, the doctor’s accolades are reiterated with a layer of award icons that are easier to read. And then, by the middle of the page, (just when you think it’s all-work-and-no-play), an interactive rhinoplasty slider gives the page a playful moment and invites visitors to, not only see, but uncover Dr. Shemirani’s work. By inviting this interaction, potential patients are also more likely to click-around for more. 

It’s a beautiful illustration of how to balance notoriety and design. Here are some quick stats:

  • In 2021, the site was re-optimized for speed and user experience with a focus on visibility in SERPs and conversion.
  • The site prioritized a mobile-first design with original content creation (ie: a cutting-edge in-house photo and video shoot), and a shift to focus on rhinoplasty.
  • Organic visitor views are up by 20% YOY (year over year).
  • Conversions up by 30% (Did we mention this is in Beverly Hills?!).

Top Website in Beverly Hills

Advanced Aesthetics – Best Website in Oklahoma City

This was the classic case of ‘I’ve been in business for 25+ years and have a fiercely loyal client base – do I really need an innovative website, too?’

The answer is always yes! With a modest effort and investment, Advanced Aesthetic took their longstanding, proven expertise in the OKC market and finally mirrored it to their dot com! They’ve been dominating in the aesthetics industry since the 90’s and have a state-of-the-art operation and all of the content to back it up. This site is night-and-day different from where it started, and the redesign illustrates how to show off seniority with just a little elbow grease. ?

 In fact, the biggest flex on the entire site comes in at about 3 inches of white space and just 12 words.

  • 25+ Years of Experience
  • 250,000+ Procedures & Treatments Performed
  • 21,000+ Happy Patients

 Need they say more?! ? ⬇️ A loyal clientele is great, but by blasting those stats on a refreshed website, Advanced Aesthetics saw their new leads rate triple immediately upon launch!

Best Website in Oklahoma City

The Skin Elite – Best Medical Spa Website

Want to know how and why the term “MedSpa” was born? Insert The Skin Elite. With images that give the appeal of a five-star spa and strategic glimpses at flawless skin aesthetics – they’re on a mission to beautify everyone in the San Antonio, TX area with their “where science meets beauty” motto. 

Before their relaunch, navigation was confusing and interactive scrolling was nonexistent. Afterward, creators leaned into white space to give a crisp feel. This, too, makes the new interaction feel extraordinary, as dark, moody photos contrast dramatically against the light background and slide-in towards the center of the page.

The site is also a classic example of the “less is more” mantra. So many sites obsess over color and branding and think the answer to engagement lies within a certain shade. The truth is: good design is as simple as black and white – with maybe a little accent color here and there! How good is the design?

  • Search Engine rankings skyrocketed upon launch with most priority keywords jumping 2-5 pages.
  • Site visitor sessions topped the charts with over 3 pages per session, and nearly 2.5 minutes on average session duration.
  • Most importantly, their 8.5% conversion rate is nearly triple the national average!

Best Medical Spa Website

YellowTelescope – Best Cosmetic Surgery Website Design

So, our parent company, YellowTelescope, isn’t a cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery practice, but it is the leader in aesthetic practice consulting! And that’s not just lip service. Nearly every practice we work with long-term, has grown anywhere from $100K to over $10M in a single year as a YT client. Our accolades reiterate this commitment to ‘be the bar’ when it comes to practice management, operations, and sales strategy.

Not surprisingly, our brand-new website beautifully articulates that promise. With branding colors and nifty animations that shift alongside the user’s scrolls – navigating is as exciting as it is informative. Pairing that interaction with crisp fonts and a brilliant use of white space make for a site that’s clean and concise. 

Our bright yellow color was named the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year (we guessed right!) and the website was nationally recognized by CSS Design Awards – one of two leading international website judging sites.  In fact, SEOversite’s President was made an International Panel Design Judge – wow! 

 In 2021, our YOY (year over year) stats included:

  • An organic traffic increase of 35%
  • New Users increasing by 35%
  • Sessions (# times people viewed the website) increasing by 43%
  • Pages/session (# pages user visited during session) growing by 65%
  • Average session duration (time spent site per session) popping by 1 full minute!

There you have it folks – the best of the best for 2021! Reach out here, e-mail, or give us a ring at (305) 455-0720 to discuss how we can help you achieve award-winning website results in 2022 by connecting you the industry and country’s best.

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