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Website Design and Online Marketing is Not Free. Finding the Very Best is… SEOversite – Your Cost Free Matchmaker to the Online World

Why we do what we do:

In most industries there are regulations, checks and balances, and recourse when vendors do not provide superb, ethical service. Unfortunately, the wild, wild west that is the digital marketing industry seems to be an outlier, with almost no regulation or checks and balances, and few options for businesses who have been wronged or have poor results. Our executive team learned this the hard way as in prior roles we had invested tens of thousands of dollars in website design, search engine optimization and other online marketing efforts only to find out years later that we were not getting our money’s worth and were arguably being taken advantage of. With degrees from Wharton, decades of business management experience, and successful businesses built from the ground up, how did this happen?

From left to right: Jon, John, Jill, Matthew, Ed

In short, online marketing, like medicine, law, or engineering, is a highly technical field where laypeople have little to no knowledge of what steps must be taken to create success, let alone understand the lingo their web teams are speaking (link building, directory submissions, metatags and metadata, dynamic coding, responsive design, long-tail key phrase optimization, latent keyword optimization, duplicate content issues, html, https vs. http, and more create an almost entirely new language to learn), yet unlike these other industries (lawyers have the Bar, doctors have a medical board, etc.) online marketing teams are not held accountable. So if you are a “not-so-good-guy” you might choose to create a company nobody understood that created nebulous results that were hard to define and begin taking advantage as there is little chance of being caught and even less recourse once you are caught. Welcome to the digital marketing world, and thank goodness you found SEOversite.

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The 3 core challenges every business faces online:

SEOversite is a digital marketing design agency created to solve each of those challenges most businesses face by ensuring you connect to a superb web team, get off to a great start, and have a way to hold accountability and ensure results long run. Years ago we decide to solve this problem by becoming an ethical, honest, free service to connect the best businesses with the finest online marketing teams – from website designer to SEO experts, from live chat to rating and review gurus, from content creators to social media mavens, we are a one-stop-shop to ensure you not only get a great digital marketer, but also have oversight, fair prices, and a guide to help you navigate these muddy online waters. While free to you, the client, we do receive affiliate fees for referring you to our Preferred Vendors.

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So Who Are You Folks and What Makes You So Great at Finding the Best SEOs, Website Design Firms, App Developers and other Technology Professionals?

Our clients are national – Orange County to New York City, Toledo to Miami, Houston to Chicago, Baltimore to Dallas, Palm Beach to Charlotte – but we are based in South Beach right on the famous Lincoln Road Mall. Since you asked, we are happy to shamelessly self promote. We are proud winners of the:

We connect over 100 vendor/client deals per year, ranging from a few hundred dollars a month to multi-million dollar, multi-year, online marketing overhauls. Our clients range in size from a few hundred thousand to around $100 million in annual revenue. Our executive team consists, in part, of our two firm partners; our President, Jon Hoffenberg, a graduate of the #1 business school in the United States – the Wharton School – who brings over 15 years of executive management and business ownership experience to the team, and our Senior Vice President, Ed Syring III a graduate of Wake Forest with deep roots in operations and sales management.
We are supported by an impressive team of Client Directors who are technically and operationally proficient, so they can both manage and oversee online marketing vendors while communicating in basic terms to our clients. And our Web Gurus who think in 1s and 0s and are on call in case of more technical needs.

We cannot wait to hear from you, learn about your business, and show you why we are the industry-leading, award-winning, cost-free matchmaking to businesses throughout the world. Have fun clicking around our site. We hope you will notice the work and attention to detail we put into it and hope it provides you with some confidence in what we may be able to do and how we can be of service to your business.

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