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2023 Tips for Plastic Surgery SEO

Just having a website isn’t good enough these days. You have to optimize it for SEO.

Luckily for you, people searching out plastic surgery want lots of information before they step into a clinic – which means endless opportunities for you to create content that they can interact with via SEO.

On-Page Optimizations

Think “before and after photos” of all your cosmetic procedures, information about the cost of procedures, and blogs about the pros and cons of plastic surgery.

Having plastic surgery isn’t something people typically jump into – they do a ton of research first. That’s good news for you. Answer their questions on your website with SEO-friendly terms, and you can explode the number of visitors to your website as well as your SEO rankings.

Adding a strong section of commonly searched FAQs to your treatments and surgery-specific pages will help strengthen the overall SEO of those pages and help you rank higher in SERPs.

Local SEO for Plastic Surgeons

Most people are not going to look for a plastic surgeon outside of their local area.

For that reason, it’s imperative that you tap into all the local plastic surgery SEO strategies for plastic surgeons when optimizing your online presence.

Make sure you work in the name of your city or region into the copy on your website, as well as in title tags, meta descriptions, photo file names, and more. Don’t forget to claim your Google My Business Listing, because it will allow your business to show up on Google Maps and improve your search engine rankings.

Get a killer blog

Did you know that nearly 80% of visitors to your website will get there because of a blog? When someone has a question about plastic surgery, they’ll type that question in. If you’ve got a blog that answers their question that’s properly set up with SEO so it shows up high in the search results, that’s where they’ll click to get information.

And while they’re on your blog getting the answer to their initial question, they’re likely to browse around at the other content on your site. In general, people consume 11 pieces of content before they take action.

All that time that they’re browsing around on your website also helps your search engine rankings.

Google can see that they clicked on your link and then stayed on the site – which tells Google that your website provides helpful, useful information. Since Google is in the business of delivering the best information to its users, it’ll push your site rankings higher because it can see that your website is useful to visitors.

By regularly posting new blogs to your website, you’ll also show Google that you take an interest in keeping your website up to date and providing current information to your visitors. Google hates old content. If you’ve ever tried to find out information and been directed to something from 2002, you probably do, too. The more you post fresh, high-quality content, the better your search engine results will be.

Make your plastic surgery website mobile friendly

Not only do nearly 60% of all internet searches occur on a mobile device these days, but Google will also bump mobile-friendly sites up higher in search engine results.

Having a mobile-friendly site means your website looks good on any device. So if a customer is searching for cosmetic surgery on their phone while waiting to pick up the kids at school, on the train, or in the locker room at the gym, they can.

In today’s online marketplace, it is quite often a case of “the first one gets the prize.”

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, potential plastic surgery leads will bounce off and find your competitors. Fast. Your market is way too competitive to rest on your laurels when it comes to plastic surgery SEO, mobile marketing, or anything else you do to market your practice on the web.

Double down on social media

No, we’re not talking about Facebook ads, though those are worth their weight in gold, too. We’re talking about having a strong social media presence on all the major platforms for plastic surgery social media – Facebook and Instagram in particular. As a plastic surgery practice, your business is all about visuals.

People come to you to feel better because they look better. So showing off your work is quite simply the best possible advertising you can do. And on social media, it’s free.

How does having a social media presence tie into SEO for plastic surgeons? Backlinks.

Every high-quality link you have on the internet that leads back to your site gives fuel to the SEO fire. High-quality links are the key here – don’t ever buy black hat backlinks, which are essentially fake links that go nowhere but attempt to trick Google into thinking you have lots of links to your site.

If Google catches you using black hat shenanigans, they’ll blacklist your site and you’ll lose all the SEO work and momentum you’ve built. Just don’t do it.

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